The OHA Has Returned.

We’re back. We’ve decided based on the current state of league play and the general consensus within the NHL15 community, that we should make a return to give players the chance to be competitive, but to also have fun at the same time. Which really is the main goal when...

A Little Insight

The Online Hockey Association is a league currently played on the Xbox 360.
This 6 vs 6 league is going to track all the stats from not only our season games, but also from our drop-in games, which will always be running.
Season Play Specifics
Each season in the OHA consists of:
~ 82 regular season games
~ All-Star game mid-season
~ Skills competitions (specifics being worked on)
~ Playoffs
In order to finish each season in a reasonable amount of time, we have decided to start the first season of play with 10 mandatory scheduled games that need to be completed prior to the end of each week. This should be very simple, equaling roughly an hour of game play a day, for 5 days.
Teams will be chosen through the use of a draft. Captains will be chosen by the OHA Administration, who will then begin to scout each player they wish to draft. After all teams have been chosen, our first season will begin on the road to the OHA Championship.
At the end of each season, there will be awards given to the best in each category (still to be determined), as well as outstanding players in the playoff series(also still to be determined)
Drop-In Play Specifics
Drop-in games will be run on a daily basis, with no commitment needed to join the OHA. These games will allow all members in the league the opportunity to play with one another, outside of their designated teams. These stats will also be tracked, and added to our drop-in stat section of the website. These will also be added to your player's career performance, with the title Drop-In Stats.
We find that drop-in games with “randoms” can be stressful when you get defense who choose to play offence, goalies who are constantly at center ice or flipping the puck over the boards, so-on and so-forth. Playing with people you know, and members of the OHA eliminates these types of matchups, and creates an intense, competitive game.
If this type of game play interests you, and you believe you have what it takes to compete against some of the best in the game, register now!
Once registered you can add Basewater or Tiarmach to your friends list on Xbox Live, with a message notifying him of your interest in joining or starting a team to play in Online Hockey Association Seasons.

What Do We Expect?

First and foremost, we are all here to have fun and play great competitive hockey without any of the usual drama of everyday drop ins.
The Online Hockey Association has a few rules and guidelines which need to be followed in order to keep it this way.
1) We DO NOT tolerate rage quitting by a single player. If it ever happens that we are recruiting and one team has a troll, all members are then allowed (and requested) to quit to continue on with OHA play.
2) RAGGING THE PUCK is only ever allowed on a penalty, but NEVER in the last couple minutes of the game. This is to ensure the opposing team has a chance to catch up. We understand this is just good defense to keep a lead, but we want to maintain the competitive atmosphere.
3) BOARD PLAY is to be used wantonly. This play shares many attributes to ragging the puck.
4) TROLLING will just get you kicked from the league immediately and permanently.
Each rule (excluding trolling) carries with it a consequence. The Online Hockey Association runs on a two strike system. An official warning counts as your first strike. The second time you break a rule worthy of a warning, you will be ejected from the league.
1) TRASH TALK is obviously permitted, but within reason. Excessive harassment is frowned upon, and will result in a complaint and/or a warning.
2) Common courtesy on the ice, which can be translated in various ways. For example, if you have a man in the box for a fight who needs to get out, stop play and try to get him out. Simple.
3) Heckling your teammates for having a bad game and not performing well is also frowned upon. Take the loss and move on. None of us are the best, and there is always somebody better. Goalies and defense are especially susceptible to this type of harassment. Some forwards are just good, and I'm sure every time they score it's not because the other team sucks.
4) Try to play at least once a week. We will regularly be cleaning out our members page to keep it uncluttered, so be sure to do this.
Common sense is not your enemy. Remember this.
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